Injured Worker v. Convenience Store
On December 14, 2016, six years post injury and after multiple hearings and trial, complicated workers compensation case won. Injured worker, age 30 at time of injury was shot five times while performing his usual job of cashier at a convenience store. The Defendant, uninsured for workers comp benefits—refused to pay for psychiatric injury, loss of kidney, and hernias due to colon surgery to remove bullets—claiming that being shot five times was not a ‘sudden and extraordinary employment condition’. The judge found all of the body parts including psychiatric industrial. The injured worker will receive approximately $200,000 in permanent impairment and a life pension of approximately $154 per week after the $200,000 is paid out. He will also now be able to obtain medical care for all of his injured body parts.

Rovens v. Salazar et al.
San Francisco County Superior Court Case Numbers 459878, 458820, & 465582: Represented plaintiffs in fraud and breach of contract claims. Combined judgments of $2,087,972.34 in San Francisco Superior Court after three week non-dischargeability verdict in Federal Bankruptcy Court case number Adv. Proc. No. 08-3054DM.

Rodriguez v. Ramer
San Francisco County Superior Court Case Number 44949. Represented plaintiff in claim for violation of the Confidential Medical Information Act (CMIA), and plaintiff’s constitutionally protected right to privacy under Cal. Const., Art. 1, Section 1 for improper disclosure of medical records. Jury verdict in plaintiff’s favor for general and punitive damages. Case resolved through confidential settlement.

Waskey et. al. v. Ridenour et. al.
San Francisco Superior Court Case Number, 413892. Represented homeowners on claims of construction defect and mold regarding remodel addition for Glen Park house. On eve of jury trial, defendants settled for $1,200,000.00.


Duran v. SCI/OnTrac
In June 2015 an OnTrac case at the Workers Compensation Appeals Board settled after we won a trial at the WCAB level. This case went to trial to prove that the driver was an employee and not an independent contractor. The defense showed evidence of signed contracts identifying the driver as an independent contractor. We showed evidence that our client spoke mostly Spanish and couldn’t understand the contracts written in English. We also showed that OnTrac had control over hours, price paid per package delivered, when drivers would get paid, uniform logos, logos on trucks and vans, and communication with drivers through scanners. We won the trial in front of the WCAB judge and after appeal. The judge found the applicant to be an employee of OnTrac.

Injured Worker v. CEMEX
Injured worker at CEMEX was crushed by cement batching equipment and suffered a collapsed lung and pain in the neck and shoulder. Case settled for $82,500 in under one year.

Galeano v. Gothelf
San Francisco Superior Court Case Number 470431. Represented plaintiffs in construction cave-in claim. Settlement for policy limits of $5,545,000.00 on eve of jury trial.

Siu v. Lee
San Francisco Superior Court Case Number 444060. Representing defendant and defense judgment of claims of violation of right to privacy, public disclosure of private facts and negligence after successfully obtaining dismissal of libel and slander claims through anti-SLAPP motion to strike. In addition to defense judgment obtained award of attorneys’ fees of $70,000.00.

DeVries/American v. Yellow Cab
San Francisco Superior Court Case Number 317759. Represented plaintiff in breach of contract claim for services. One-week trial. Judgment on behalf of plaintiff for $112,726.05.


$350,000 A 30-year old woman suffers facial scarring from negligent medical cosmetic procedure two weeks before her wedding.

$90,000 Pre-litigation settlement for injured pedestrian who suffered severe injuries to her face, nose, lip, chin, and teeth after she tripped and fell on a poorly maintained sidewalk outside a private property.

$62,000 Pre-litigation settlement for the insurance policy limits of $25,000 for a police officer who suffered rib fracture and soft tissue injuries to his neck, back, and legs in an automobile accident, and $37,000 for an underinsured motorist claim.


$55,000 Pre-litigation settlement for buyers who purchased property from seller who failed to disclose material defects affecting the value and desirability of the property.

$50,000 Pre-litigation settlement for the insurance policy limits for a bicyclist who suffered injuries to his face, hands, wrists, leg, knees after he was hit by a car.

$42,600 Pre-litigation settlement for delivery man who suffered injuries to his back after delivering packages on a private property.

$20,000 Settlement for injured pedestrian who suffered injuries to his back after exiting an emergency vehicle.